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You Are a Good Influence To The Music Industry, KayzRoid Tells Olamide

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The multi-talented upcoming act speaks up about how the Nigerian rap lord has done great deeds in the Music Industry today. During an online interview with the CitiFresh Tv On Wednesday, he revealed that Olamide has made several successful attempts to see that upcoming acts from the streets are known according to their talents. “He signed so many people this year, he said.

He also commented on the HITMAN post by Olamide on IG, he wrote,

Our father, you are a good influence to the music industry

“If many superstars could be like that, talented upcoming acts would not be roaming the streets wasting their talents” he said. He also revealed that if not that some talented upcoming artistes are able to be independent and promote themselves, there would be too many wasted talents.

Every big celebrity out there should try to help others, he concluded.

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