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Wizkid’s Manager; Jada P, Reveals She Is Married To Him

Wizkid international road manager; Jada Pollock popularly known as Jada P, has revealed she is married to the Starboy.

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Jada P has just dropped a bombshell, revealing that she is married to Wizkid. She revealed that in a mothers’ day post earlier today on her Instagram in which she appreciated herself and Wizkid’s son; Zion and everyone who has contributed to her growth and progress. It is in the post she revealed she is married to Wizkid.

“Looking back at this picture (Sep 2017) never did I imagine this journey to turn out to be so beautiful, you are beyond the perfect little boy and I thank God everyday for your presence in my life. You came into this world and gave me a level of peace and an alignment of happiness that nothing in this world could EVER replace!! You have given me strength that I didn’t even know existed within me & an extra boost of human skills that allows me to take on more then I could have ever imagined. I sit and reflect at times and wonder to myself how I manage to find a balance with being the best mum I can be to you at all times, yet taking on life and hustling everyday to make a difference and a better tomorrow  but you’re little smile makes every moment wroth it,” Jada P wrote.

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She also added, “Being a Mother isn’t easy it’s a skill set that you develop and strengthen everyday without even knowing how at times… I want to take a moment on this day to thank my partner in crime @wizkidayo without your love and support I would have NEVER been capable of becoming the mother I stand to be today. Waking up to you both everyday gives me the strength to take on the world. My best friend @zena_anez for being my back bone and pushing me always to be a better me, yet ALWAYS reminding me to keep a since of myself. My friend @sian_swimwear for inspiring me with her work ethic, drive and hustle of balancing how to be a great mum, wife and business woman all at once. “

She continued; “My soul sisters @tobiah_roosevelt & @rinne_aminah who gave me a step by step manuel on how to be an incredible mother without even knowing it! My lil sister @skylatylaa who is my cheerleader in everything I do and who is always there when ever I need & has never let me down. My mum who I can count on at ALL times and makes my life so much easier when she comes in on days and takes control. My lil brother @Jay_caprice who is always there when EVER I need him to be without a question and my dad for being a whole mood in anything I need him for. It takes a VILLAGE to raise a child and this is a living proven fact “SHOUT OUT” to all my fellow mothers out here enjoying this beautiful journey “HAPPY MOTHERS DAY .”

Jada P has a son for Wizkid and this post of hers has made us realise why Wizkid chooses to spend a lot of time with her and Zion over the other two baby mamas.

Happy married life Wiz & Jada!

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