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We Can Make It Better, Stop feigning Representation – Hon. Kola Opeodu

The man of virtue gave a virtous note on his facebook timeline.

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He believes Nigeria is in a position where some people pretend to represent the public, according to his statement, this should not be so.

So, he wrote :

A nation where freedom is stifled, true democratic ethics is in denial, leaders is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open space is a nation that is petrified against its people.

Politics is a battle of ideas and democracy was designed in the course of healthy debate and we must make no mistake to think our democracy can experience growth when descent views are strangled.

As a young Politician, I seek personal freedom in the framework of a just society and political freedom in the framework of meaningful participation by all citizens. And as a country, our mission should be to promote ideals and values of true democracy within our communities through grassroots development, educating the public, and cutting down on bureaucracies surrounding governance most especially at the grassroots.

We must allow the people to be part of the process, their growth must be the reason for a greater GDP, we must first build Nigerians to help build a stronger, Nigeria in which every citizen has the means to succeed regardless of association, religion and political ideology.

Our political leaders must also realise that they’re the miners of a better Nigeria, if her citizenry must experience one. And they must have the courage to open their doors to young people. Welcome their ideas and understand that it’ll be unfastidous, knowing many of us are not professional politicians but the party is going to have to adjust itself to the new reality, rather than force young people to adjust to the undemocratic leadership reality spread across different political party in Nigeria.

There are certain democratic accessories needed for wise and tenacious democratic leadership. It must be about building hope, not fear; honesty, not pretense; justice, not injustice; public placidity, not violence; on freedom, not subjection. It must interlace a social fabric in which the most important length are a devotion to truth, commitment to justice and lifting more families out of poverty line by changing human being to human capital. These are essential ingredients of democracy the young people are looking forward to. They are the necessary conditions for the attainment of freedom and human progress in every working democracy around the globe.

Again, as we disconsolately celebrate yet another daunting democracy today…I wish to stand here as a symbol of hope to many hopeless youth which may have thought our country is at the crossroad of irredeemable nations. Who may be contemplating porting out of this dungeon and thinking of anywhere but Nigeria.

Let me assure you, the land has never been greener and it’ll take our efforts to shape the greens invested in it by our creator. It’ll take our conviction,concoction and moral detergent to clean up the system, we must understand that every nation is birth with its own peculiarities and challenges and the earlier we stand firm to take back our future the better for us and our coming generation.

I sincerely hope our people are indeed happy when we say “Happy democracy day.”


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