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Wayne Rooney Hit With £5m Tax Bill After Investing In Film Finance Scheme

Wayne Rooney is reportedly “furious” after being told that a firm he invested in has been ruled as a tax avoidance scheme by HMRC.

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According to The Sun, Wayne Rooney has been informed that he must pay back £5m.

Rooney is said to have taken advice from a trusted expert on the scheme, which reduced tax bills by claiming against early losses on blockbusters that later made money.

A source is quoted by the publication as saying: “Wayne is furious. He followed advice by so-called experts to make investments. Now years later the taxman’s after him for millions he’s said to owe. It’s ridiculous and unfair.”

Former England players Steve McManaman, Kevin Phillips and Ian Walker have been warned ‘catastrophic’ bills also await them in relation to a separate scheme, reports The Sun.

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