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Notorious, Deadly Shina Rambo Becomes Pastor

Shina Rambo is still alive

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The name SHINA RAMBO is a household name in Nigeria.
Many people believe he is just being idealized but the truth is that SHINA RAMBO is real and still alive.
In his recent interview with FRESH FM Ibadan on a program anchored by “Yinka Ayefele” . The now repented armed robber regrets all his actions back in the years before he became a believer.

In his words; I went to many places in search for powers, there was a place I had to suck a woman’s  breast for days as food and drink so that I can receive evil powers.

In the end, I got 901 evil powers which made me invincible.

But I regret everything, painfully my wife and 3 children were killed by people who came to arrest me.

The Holy Spirit visited me Immediately I accepted Jesus, I’m no more Shina Rambo, now I am “SHINA JESU”

My advise goes to evil doers to change now before God’s wrath bounce on them.


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