Five Wine Etiquette Tips Every Sophisticated Person Should Know

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If you’re a regular caller at events, there are always dozens of bottles to choose from, but every now and again you are poured the perfect glass which may make you smack your lips as you revel in the exotic flavours of the drink and before you know it, you didn’t get the name of the wine that had such a beautiful taste.

One of the best ways to help you remember your wine selection is through a mobile app known as Drync. This app allows you to snap pictures of bottles while you are out to save in your phone history or purchase right then and there through the app.

The app is a small tool that is not only great for learning which particular wine flavours appeal to you but also good in keeping track of what works for your palate. Knowing which works best is however not only the battle you will face, as other etiquette such as how to properly serve it, incorrectly chilling and looking silly while swirling a glass that doesn’t need to be aerated.

Wine tasting however shouldn’t be as uptight as we imagine it to be, Wine is something that should be accessible to everyone, and so should be the knowledge on etiquette regarding serving and enjoying wine. Here are five tips that you should follow to look like the sophisticated person you are.

Never Hog The Table
Once you get a sip of wine, the next thing to do is to move aside or completely out of the way so that others can have their glass filled. If you are at a wine-tasting ceremony and you intend to ask the winemaker questions, move to the side then wait for a moment when there are fewer people.

Never Carry A Big Purse Or Computer Case
Don’t carry a big purse, bag or computer case that will get in the way of other tasters. Bumping other tasters with your stuff as they balance wine glasses can make the tasting experience a less enjoyable one.

Ask For A Name
When you ask for a taste, it is important you ask for the wine by name or varietal. This shows courtesy and will also improve your knowledge.

There’s No Need To Rinse Your Glass
You don’t have to rinse your glass with water between each wine or even at each table. The reason for this is that water has a big diluting effect on the drink to come.

All you need do, is to rinse your glass with water at the beginning of the tasting or if the wine you just tried was flawed. Shake the water out well or dry the glass before moving on to the next one.

Spit It Out
Never be afraid to spit out a drink you’re uncomfortable with. Wine Etiquette at a tasting ground allows for spitting as you are not expected to drink or like every single one poured for you. You shouldn’t however stand in front of the spit bucket or block the access of other people to it.

Be Considerate With Your Comments
Be considerate of all comments while in front of the producer since it takes a lot of effort to produce. Also, know when it’s time to move to the next table. Never stand at the food table guzzling down all the drinks, food and appetizers. You’re meant to be tasting wine not eating dinner.

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