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Guytalk Podcast: The 5 Unmistakable Signs Of A Fuck Boy

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Wondering what a Fuck Boy is?

A fuck boy is described as the worst kind of man who takes advantage of his friends and family, and lives only for himself.

At the end of this episode of Guytalk podcast you will have seen and known the traits of a fuck boy and why you should avoid having them around. See below for some of the traits of a Fuck Boy:

  1. He is a pathological liar:

Yes, we all lie. A fuck boy however, is so much of a liar 3 out of his every 5 statements contains a falsehood of sorts. He lies to get his way with everyone and uses it to look cool among his friends. His every move and achievement is not as beautiful as the lies he paints and because of this he leads others to believe things about him that do not exist.

  1. He never has anything good to say about others unless it makes him look good:

A fuck boy is one of those people who always criticizes the achievement of others and only says good things about them when he will look good as well. He constantly has one bad thing to say about his friends and loved ones and is a snitch, revealing the dirty linens of his closest companions.

  1. He makes a move on his friend’s girl:

If a man has no issues making a move on the woman dating or married to his friend, he is a big fuck boy and should be discarded from one’s life. We have seen many cases of friends sleeping with their best friend’s wives or girlfriend and this is an unmistakable sign of a fuck boy.

  1. He borrows money and has issues paying back:

This is one of the most common signs of a fuck boy. A man who cannot repay his debts is a fuck boy and should be cast out of one’s life as soon as possible. These do not include those not financially able, but those who take loans and favors they have issues paying back even when they are able. In Nigeria, this is very common and when one lends a friend money, they end up losing the money along with the friend.

  1. He does not support his friend’s hustle:

Why have friends who do not support your dreams and goals. Fuck boys are extremely selfish so much they will not contribute to the growth of their friends even if this wont cost them anything. Take for example a person who has a hundred thousand followers on twitter and a friend who needs publicity. If this twitter mogul is a fuck boy, he won’t want to post his friend’s material on his page even though this wont cost them anything.
See podcast for detailed and properly depicted examples of a Fuck Boy.

Words aren’t needed to let u know that a fuck boy is not someone you want to have around you because they will betray and ensure your downfall sooner than an open enemy.

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