Four Dating Rules You Should Do All You Can To Break

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There are practically rules to everything but have you ever sat back and thought about exactly why rules exist in the first place, especially when it comes to dating?


Well, rules are set in place because people as a whole realized that these guidelines make certain things easier and certain things more bearable.


People do have rules for the dating game but the truth is the only rule you should follow when it comes to dating and relationships is the fact that there are no concrete rules. The guy that spends all his life adhering to rules about dating is the guy that has a date with the Internet every night.


While certain guidelines can actually be of help, you shouldn’t have a need to follow any of the rules below.


The Three Day Rule

We still wonder who came up with this rule. Saying you can’t call a girl you’ve met for at least three days after the initial meeting is to say the least, nonsensical. Some people say two days, others say a week but really?


If you’re going to wait a week to call a girl you really liked then you’re nothing more than an idiot. She’s going to think you’re not interested. If you guys really hit it off, what’s the problem with calling her the next day, provided you don’t bug her enough to think you’re stalking her?


It’s best you let go of this page from your mental dating manual immediately or you run the risk of losing her before you even get her.


Playing It Safe

Most people play it safe on their first few dates with a new person. You need to stop and shake things up! If you know she’s into something other than a boring dinner and movie combination, do that instead.


Doing this will tell her that you’re the kind of man that pays attention and it will also make a Lasting impression than chomping on a cold meal and watching a boring movie. You can save that for lazy Sunday afternoons, after you’re married.


Failing To Show Affection

If the two of you instantly get attracted to each other, there is a high chance that there will be an inexplicable spark that goes along with it. If your emotions mirror hers, and those collective feelings make you both want to display it, then what’s stopping you?


Life’s too short to pretend. Hold hands. Kiss in public, Give your heart the freedom it needs to breathe. But remember not to overdo it. Stop worrying about conforming to social norms and worry about the woman you’re with.


Anybody that can’t appreciate fresh love either has some serious issues that has nothing to do with you or is practically dead on the inside.


Acting All Cool

We all try to put our best foot forward when it comes to meeting someone new and at the beginning of dating. The problem however is that many of us try too hard. A lot of us pretend to be who we are not in order to impress the woman we can’t stop thinking about.


But, how could faking and pretending be better than showing her the real you (except farting, snoring and belching of course)? Never change yourself to impress another because your chances of finding happiness this way is next to nothing. So, go right ahead and be yourself!

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