Figo Asks For More Time For Zidane

Luis Figo believes the criticism levelled at Zinedine Zidane is unfair, as he insists they have forgotten about his accomplishments.

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The French manager took over Madrid from Benitez and won the UCL five months later.

Zidane went on to prove his worth by winning the La Liga and the UCL, the first team to do the back-to-back in the UCL.

However, Madrid has had a poor season, and the former Blancos star has been criticised. And Figo wants more time for him.

Speaking to Omnisport, Figo said: “The coach of Real Madrid is always under pressure and you know that you depend always on results.

“But sport is like that. For me, you can win every year. But since he picked the team, I think he did fantastic, great.

“But the problem normally in football is it depends on what you do in the last games.

“People forget very fast what you achieved in the recent past. But I think the people are happy, the players are happy with him and that is the most important.

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