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#BBNaija 2018 Day 69: Nina, Every Housemates Favourite

The #bbnaija housemates have reassured Nina that they would do all they can to ensure that she remains the sweet young woman that she is. This assertion came after she told her Housemates that, apart from losing her boyfriend from outside, Collins, her biggest fear is people criticising her.

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Anto advised her to not change but put a lot of effort in doing things. She added that Nina still has a lot to learn about life, she should improve her listening skills and must always listen to understand instead of rushing to answer.

Like big sisters would do, Khloe emphasised on Anto’s points adding that she never thought she would get to like her when they initially met, but her sweet heart has changed her perception of how she feels. Khloe continued to let her know that she should know when to draw the lines, as she tends to get carried away.

While the #bbnaija Housemates were enjoying heart to heart discussions in the Jacuzzi, Cee-C also took the time to let Anto know on how they missed the friendship train.

She told her that they could have been friends, if not for Anto’s misconceived perception of her person, which has hindered those efforts. Anto agreed with Cee-C and it wasn’t long before Tobi learned that Cee-C blames Anto and Alex for their failed attempt at Love.

As always, Khloe gave her own thoughts and by the looks of it, she seemed out to get Tobi. While he and Anto lay comfortably on his bed, Khloe made mention of the fact that Tobi was getting touchy and was all in his feelings with Anto’s canvas worthy backside.

While all this wasn’t much of an issue, she let Lolu know about it and he extinguished it calmly, saying he believed that Tobi is a respectful man, sarcastically pushing Tobi back to the other side of the line he’d crossed.

While it seems like all is not well, the #bbnaija Housemates retired and let another day dawn on them.

The morning wasn’t all sunshine and blue skies for Rico Swavey, Cee-C and Khloe because due to having missed a session, Lawrence stopped by to force a healthy catch up on them. It appears that is what the #bbnaija housemates needed to blow away the pre-Eviction steam.

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