#BBNaija 2018 Day 69: Housemates Burn The Dance Floor With DJ Ssnatch

The Legend’s sponsored Saturday night party had the #bbnaija Housemates on their toes displaying all sorts of dance moves all thanks to DJ Ssnatch.

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The pyjama themed party didn’t cater for any lazy individuals as the choices of songs played by the DJ demanded some sort of movement. However, the #bbnaija Housemates didn’t disappoint and jumped into the prerequisite of the party and they happily obliged.

If you are going to mention ‘rhythm’ in the Big Brother House the name that’s going to follow next is ‘Alex’ as she and dancing are inseparable. She, indeed went out of her way to display incredible dance moves and making it her prerogative to enjoy every moment.

At some point her fellow #bbnaija Housemates looked up to her to show them how certain dance moves were done and she didn’t hesitate.

The hotness from the DJ’s compilation had the #bbnaija Housemates sweating and only because the songs were too good and familiar to the Housemates to miss any beat.

The decision from most of the ladies not to wear any make up was a smart move from their side which could have been a ruin and gone to waste for the efforts they put into their dancing.

On the contrary however, Khloe was the only one who surely put an effort in doing her face, and even though she danced a couple times, she had on and off moments at the party.

Her little corner in the party room accommodated her more than the ground on the dance floor and her unbothered face showed how ready she was to be out of the party.

It would be unfair to mention how good the #bbnaija Housemates looked in their pyjamas without pointing out how the in-House couple were the only ones with matching outfits.

Even though the duo hardly danced together, the animal printed, green and silky pyjamas shouted ‘couple goals’ more than anything else.

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