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#BBNaija 2018 Day 22: Much Ado About The New Pairings In The House

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Cee-C and Lolu

Cee-C and Lolu have been able to feel what it feels like to be paired together. It was certainly a bitter-sweet moment for the duo when biggie announced that they will remain paired indefinitely.

Despite the fact that they hoped Biggie would lift this cloud away and have them return to their original pairs, he had an entirely diffetent thing in mind as he paired them together once again.

Anto and Miracle

It was quite strange that Miracle choae Anto and walked away smiling, while Nina floated away in the empty vacuum of her thoughts, seeing her bae being dragged away from their little paradise. It however seems like the dynamics didn’t change much for neutral old Anto who’s proven that she’s all about the game and would therefore play it with whoever she had on her team.

Bambam and Rico Swavey

The new pairings in the #bbnaija house had Bambam lowkey wailing like she did after the evictions of Van-Dee and Prito. It seems she can’timagine herself walking a few metres without Teddy A nailed to her hip but she won’t have a choice now.

Rico Swavey quickly popped that little balloon and she obliged. It appears it wont be all doom because the two previously had a vibe about them and this might just have them rekindle it.

Ahneeka and Angel

The Ahneeka and Angel pair certainly seems like a romantic one. Angel appears to have swept her off her feet and it seems she is happy to be someones first choice instead of being paired by default.

More so, Angel has been making advances and he seems like the kind of guy that wouldnt take no for an answer.

Tobi and Alex

Tobi heaved a sigh of relief Judging by the when the Cee-C/Lolu pair was announced as indefinite and it seems he may have to apologise to Cee-C later for looking ‘excited’ about being paired to Alex. It however seems like he has separated his individual game from their ‘relationship’. Alex was a bit reluctant but slapped Tobi with the ‘yes I will’ rose anyway.

Ifu Ennada and Leo

Leo had no choice but to go for Ifu Ennada as it was either that or he would be stuck with Nina. He’s mentioned how weak Nina was in a couple of #bbnaija diary session and picking her would have been equivalent to tanking his ‘credibility’.

Ifu Ennada went along with the direction of the wind and accepted Leo as her strategic partner with zero signs of resistance or regret. The conversation they had later showed just how much more she’s invested in the Game.

Nina and Teddy A

Teddy A and Nina got paired by default. Teddy A might have been caught off guard by his subsequent pairing with Nina, but he certainly isn’t that worried about being away from Bambam. Nina however seems completely devastated by the reshuffles and we can’t help but wonder what her strategy is.

The new pairings appear to have distabalised the #bbnaija Housemates’ individual games and brought about a certain degree of discomfort. Will the romance sparked from the previous pairings still ignite glowing splinters or have they also been dissolved?

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