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#BBNaija 2018 Day 22: Housemates Take Challenges Seriously

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For this week’s Head of House challenge, Biggie gathered the #bbnaija Housemates into the Arena and gave them clear instructions for a peculiar game.

The game was a guys vs girls contest that required each #bbnaija Housemate to be fitted with plastic cups tied onto the wrists, knees and feet. They had to run to the end of the Arena and place the ball into buckets. From the side benches where they were seated, Housemates looked totally puzzled as after three weeks, they had learned the hard way, that Biggie always has his way.

It was quite understandable that the housemates looked unconvinced and somewhat hesitant, and this was a cause of concern for biggie. To reassure them, Biggie sent two Ninjas into the Arena to give a live demonstration of what he expected, cause Biggie joked ‘ain’t nobody got time for that’.

This unexpected stroke of humour from Biggie cracked the #bbnaija Housemates up and also considerably lightened the mood. It was a much-welcome respite from the grieving atmosphere that has cloaked the House since the first Evictions.

Big brother is mostly known for his dry sense of humour as he has proven in the past. He seemed to have enjoyed inflicting twisted and torturous punishments upon the Housemates and the joke was much welcome.

The guys in the house helped their female pairs fit the rather odd equipment of empty plastic cups and cheered them up from the back of the room, as they played the game.

Despite the fact that the spirit of solidarity seemed to have grown even stronger since the fateful Evictions, Cee-C kept Anto on the corner of her eye as she didn’t like her pairing with Tobi.

Against all odds, representing the boys, Leo, Miracle, as well as Ifu-Ennada and Ahneeka on the girl’s side were shortlisted to run for the last Head of House challenge. The head of house challenge however saw Miracle emerge as leader for the first time.

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