The Right Ways To Meet Women At An Airport

The airport is one place where you will see lots of restless red-eyes, rolling wheels clunking on and off moving walkways, and staring at the baggage claim belt waiting to claim bags that may never come.never

All the rushing around isn’t exactly a conducive place to meet women, unless you slow down. If youre keen about meeting someone there, it is important you get there with enough time to chill. This will make you realize just how many others are merely killing time, alone, and probably open to some company.

And given how different an airport meeting could be, it’s also sort of romantic. Here are the right things to do to meet women at the airport and who knows, you could meet your better half.

Put effort into your appearance

A lot of men tend to travel, wearing only the most comfortable clothes they can lay their hands on. While it is good to want to be comfortable on a long flight, you can set yourself apart from other guys by dressing better.

You can choose an outfit that is semi-casual. A casual suit can also do the trick. You should consider ditching your flip-flops and go for covered shoes.

Select Airport Bars Wisely

Due to the fact that people are travelling in different directions from your terminal, the chances that you will be able to take things to the next level with a woman you meet at a bar near your gate are slim to none.

Instead, try the bars outside security, which are generally populated by people who are either waiting for friends or in no rush to go through the gate. The women you will find there will usually be more relaxed.

Talk To People Around Her First

Before you talk to that person you are interested in, talk to the person on the other side of you so you establish that you’re just a fun guy who enjoys chatting up strangers. Once you’re ready to open up to her, you can start from the one thing you both jave in common, travelling.

Inquire about where she’s coming from or going, if she lives there or, if it is work or family that brings her there.

Ask Or Offer Your Expertise

If you’re visiting, you can ask about the city, the fun things to do. Ask ger where her favourite places are and you will most likely trigger an emotional response. These questions make her think fondly about those things and associate you with positive feelings and memories.

From the moment you get to establish rapport, you can ask for her number. “Say something like, ‘Let’s meet up and you can show me around, If it’s your hometown, turn things around and offer to take her to the hot places you know.

Get To The Airport Early But Check In Late

Usually people check in 24 hours in advance when there is no need to. Wait until around the 15- to 20-hour mark to check in online, especially if you are hoping to get seats that are near the back.

Being near the back gives you a chance to scope out the line and see who’s traveling with you. You also have a longer opportunity to chat them up before you board, since you get to the airport with more than enough time on your hands

Avoid Being Completely Direct

You are not at a nightclub and as such you should know that while a woman might appreciate you telling her how attractive you think she is, it will rarely result in anything more than an awkward, short-lived conversation.

It is better you comment on your surroundings or things you have in common. ‘Is there a bar around here?’ ‘Is our flight on time?’ Since you’ve got the time to kill, you might want to ask her to grab a quick bite or a drink.

Be As Cool As Possible

Airports are a great place to meet women, and most will always be willing to entertain your approach perhaps out of sheer boredom. There is an endless amount of opportunity always coming and going. If you fail, chances are you will never see her again and that’s no reason to fret.

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