Johnathan Viera Speaks On Why He Is Set To Leave Las Palmas For Beijing Guoan

“I’m sincerely torn because I can’t say no to the offer they have made me, it’s an offer that will set all of my family up for life so naturally I’ve got a lot on my mind,” locally born forward Johnathan Viera told a news conference on Tuesday.

“On the other hand the team’s predicament breaks my heart but these things happen. But the team existed before me and if I leave, the world isn’t going to end.”

When asked if he would consider himself a mercenary, he replied: “You can say many words.

There are many people who would do it, nobody will doubt how I feel about this team and the money I have lost many times for playing on the team.

“If there is someone who thinks I am a mercenary I cannot go there, but the people who know me know that I am here losing a lot of money, and I could be in other places earning more.”

Viera indicated there have been other offers on the table, but that this one was different.

“When the other offer came, I sat down and I thought it was not fair because it was not a lot of money,” he added.

“But this one is different, apart from fixing my life for me too at the club, it can do many things with the money.

“My team-mates love me a lot, and the truth is that it would be a shame for me to leave.

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