INEC Announces Dates For General Elections For Next 36 Years – From 2019 To 2055

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) on Wednesday, February 28, announced dates for general elections in the country for the next 36 years, starting from 2019 to 2055.

The disclosure was made known by the chairman of the commission, Mamood Yakubu, at a consultative meeting with leaders of political parties in Abuja.

He said: “In 2019, the dates are February 16 and March 2; in 2023, the dates are February 18 and March 4.

“In 2027, the dates are February 20 and March 6; in 2031, it is February 15 and March 1.

“In 2035, it is February 17 and March 3; in 2039, it is February 19 and March 5 and in 2043, it will hold on February 21 and March 7.

“In 2047, it is February 15 and March 2; in 2051, it is February 18 and March 1; in 2055, it is February 20 and March 6.”

Yakubu explained that in other democracies of the world, periods of elections were generally known and were not topics for speculation.

The INEC Chair also said that the aim was to engender certainty in the election calendar and allow for long-term planning by the commission and all stakeholders.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) quoted him as saying that the certainty in election calendar was necessary to match Nigeria’s democratic system with global best practices.

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