Five Things That Can Help You Upgrade Your Apartment In A Remarkably Cool Way

Whether you’re shopping now to upgrade your apartment or you’re waiting to get a bonus to do so, it is important for you to keep these six things in mind if you intend to have a remarkable apartment that will be the envy of all.

You will surely earn bonus points if your apartment is dazzling enough and the girl you bring home thinks it’s as cool as you do.

Built-In Speakers
Very few things are as cool and easy to upgrade your apartment music-wise, than to press play on your phone and have your place fill with tunes from the actual walls and ceilings.

If you are not up to getting that extensive, you can try having a wireless surround-sound speaker system. Which ever one you choose to do, the sure thing is that you’re upgrading your apartment way beyond the iPhone or Android dock.

The Hideaway TV
You can surprise visitors visiting your house from saying “You don’t even have a TV?” to “wow!, your TV appears as if from nowhere, but really out of your sleek-looking cabinet, and it’s the coolest thing ever?”

With just the press of a button, James Bond’s style, your apartment can score you more than a few appreciative gestures. with the press of the button.

A Convertible Snooker Table
If you live in an apartment that has limited space, there is a huge chance that you won’t be able to get a Snooker table in there, especially if you have a live-in partner. More so, it can also be problematic when you have guests you invite over for impressive adult dinner parties.

The thing that will win everyone over is a convertible Pool Table that can turn into a dining table with a little effort.

Drink Dispenser
Any sort of party or get-together you host will most likely go down well in the history books if you have a bar-grade drink dispenser which your visitors can see.

Be it a Kegerator, or something slightly classier, like a rotating liquor bottle dispenser, you are bound to have more than a few people appreciate the upgrade you’ve done on your apartment.

Remote-Controlled Lights
Imagine this pictured scenario, your date is at your place and you have poured a couple glasses of red, and you’re settling into the couch for a movie. Everything seems so romantic but you forgot to turn off the lights. Don’t you think it will be really nice instead of having to get out from under the blanket you’re sharing to simply turn the lights off?

You definitely can set the mood lighting right with a remote and she will definitely be impressed more than you can imagine with this simple upgrade.

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