#BBNaija 2018 Day 25: The Housemates Are Divided On Everything

The #bbnaija house has been bedevilled with poor leadership and almost all the housemates that have been crowned Head of House, seem to be below par. When Miracle won the Head of House title, his appointment was welcomed by all, a sign of the esteem that his feelow #bbnaija Housemates held him into.

With the title came the privilege to choose who he wanted his partner to be, and of all the girls – including his favourite girl, Nina – he chose Anto to be his right arm for he said he admired her intelligence.

Though a lot has been expected of Miracle and Anto’s new alliance of beauty and brains, halfway through their rule, their leadership is proving quite underwhelming.

The duo dont seem to be in accordance as Anto was often left to care for their baby dolls alone, as Miracle had returned to his old ways of hovering around Nina and coming to her help instead. So when the time came for him to track their missing baby, Anto paid him back by ignoring him and stayed warmly under the bed cover.

Nina on her part seemed to have effectively turned into Miracle’s shadow, because her pairing with Teddy A (Tena) is also proving challenging. So far, Nina has never been the most talkative or expressive person and her shyness can be attributed to her young age, even though some people will say its her lack of astuteness.

In a way, Teddy A seemed to regard her a negligible asset, and acted accordingly, as he was also drawn back to Bambam, tending to her needs and helping her. Bambam however didn’t look the least concerned with the all-consuming parenting task, instead she left Rico Swavey in charge most of the time, and ran to Teddy A.

Although Bamco (Rico Swavey and Bambam) chat and laugh together yet they don’t seem to gell. Tobi and Alex presented the same pattern of sporadically hanging out together though when it came to the babies. Yet it is Leo who rushed to Alex’s rescue, way before even thinking of Ifu Ennada whom he was paired with.

As for Lolu, he tried to be accommodating to the highly temperamental Cee-C (Ceelo), but somehow Tobi always reappears like a magnet which has at least the benefit of freeing him from co-parenting with Cee-C.

If Big brother was to give any of the paired #bbnaija housemates a parenting prize, it seems that Angel and Ahneeka (Gelah) would likely win it, mainly because Angel is determined to impress Ahneeka.

Will the bonding and apparent switching done by the #bbnaija housemates strengthen the house?

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