#BBNaija 2018 Day 22: Tobi Turns The Table On Cee-C

Tobi is known for being apologetic for both things he did and didnt do but he seems not to be about that life anymore.

Considering the fact that Big brother had earlier announced that should Cee-C and Lolu survive Eviction, their pairing would be official, while the other #bbnaija Housemates woyld be afforded the opportunity to choose a new partner. It seems as though Cee-C and Tobi would get to maintain their ‘rosy’ while playing their individual games, simply because they seemed to have understood the new dynamics.

Tobi’s behaviour on one side suggested a tolerance for Cee-C and Lolu’s new found friendship prior to the strike. However, she had to constantly make her opinions known about Tobi’s own friendships with other #bbnaija Housemates other than herself, while he said absolutely nothing about Lolu being her confidante and late-night gist mate.

Early on day 22 however, Tobi had a certain bounce about him and exerted a different kind of energy, the type we never saw when he was romantically and strategically involved with Cee-C. It seems safe to conclide that he feels he has escaped a bondage, especially if you consider the comments of the other #bbnaija housemates about him being disconnected from the game because of his relationship with Cee-C.

Bitto even went as far as referring to him as Samson and to Cee-C as Delilah. All this perhaps informed his reason for being happy when choosing another partner and Cee-C smelt it from afar.

While they were having a conversation about the post-pairing events, Cee-C made her grievances known to Tobi about his apparent change in behaviour and for the first time ever, Tobi wasn’t cut out for any of it.

She went on to tell him to not forget where he came from, and it seems she was low-key reminding him of their very restricted relationship. He appeared unimpressed as he soon walked away without uttering the usual ‘babes I’m sorry’.

This didn’t sit well with the queen, who immediately followed him and demanded that they speak. He agreed but the conversation soon went south, forcing him to walk away once again, apparently irritated by her singled explanations, despite her apologies.

In what seemed like a frantic effirt, she tried to get Alex to talk to him. She told her that she had gone against her father’s wishes by getting attached to someone in the #bbnaija House and that if they failed to resolve their issue on the night, there wouldn’t be any going back.

Alex did try to intervene but it seems like Tobi has given up and is willing to let their romantic relationahip thrown cease to exist. Only time will tell Whether he will go back and apologise but for now, he seems to have broken away.

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