#BBNaija 2018 Day 22: Ifu Ennada Fiercely Brings The Game

This petite, light-skinned, media entrepreneur entered the #bbnaija House walking with an unshakable air of confidence that is perhaps due to her hard-earned success in the field she has travailed.

Since the very first days, Ifu-Ennada has lived up to her promise of being the “life of the party”, and “bring a lot of fun” too and she has not failed once to entertain the House.

For three weeks that she has been on our screenns, she had done all she can to project her talents and she surely seems like the type of person that puts one hundred percent of everything they have and everything they are into any task.

Whether during the morning workouts, while acting, entertaining or during Tasks, this girl is blessed with an insane amount of energy that sustains her unbendable focus.

This #bbnaija Housemate surely follows the policy of “work hard, play hard” and she has made no secret of her love for a good drink, and a good meal as she is often the last person to tip-toe in and out of the kitchen to refuel.

So far however, she has shown that her beautiful features should not be mistaken for gentlenesd as beneath her pretty face, lies a fierce individual that can unleash raw, unfiltered honesty at will.

Despite the fact that she doesnt seem like the quarrelsome type, Ifu Ennada in week two actually called Nina ‘dumb’ and this prompted Miracle to come to the latter’s rescue.

Furthermore, her pairing with Angel resulted in an interesting chemistry because it seemed like there is a rough edge to the two of them that muscular bodies and strong-headed personalities emphasize.

Perhaps if Angel stops bragging about how much she likes him, and continuously confessing his attraction for Ahneeka, he may have a romantic chance with her.

Ifu Ennada has only ever kissed one person in the #bbnaija House and that person was Bitto who just got Evicted. How this plays out and affects her strategy is left to be seen.

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