All You Need To Know About Men’s Hair Products

That not withstanding however, men still have a number of hair products that ensure that their hair stays shiny and attractive enough for anyone that gazes on them.

From Cream to wax to pomade and glue, going through men’s hair styling products in the drug store can be a tough call to say the least. This however is not the time to stress but one to make sense of all the bewildering stuff.

Every product has some general characteristics which range from light to strong hold and shiny to matte texture depending on your hair type.

Some guys like a strong hold because they have thick or curly hair, while those sporting finer locks may just be looking to add a bit of definition and shape, with just enough grip to keep things together in a light breeze.

The best thing you can however do is to play around with several products until you find one that works for you. You should however ensure that you don’t experiment with hair products some minutes before going on a date or an important meeting.

It offers a light hold and works with all hair types. Creams helps to add definition to curls, texture to short hair, and shine to all hair styles, which makes it an ideal option if she likes to run her fingers through your hair.

While this product provides a strong hold, it is made up of alcohol and water mostly. This is why when it dries up, it can leave your hair hard, crusty and flaky. This hair product us mostly outdated and is not recommended for your use, except you are interested in spending the night alone.

Glues also help to provide a strong hold and they work very well with “normal” hair. And by normal hair, we mean hair that is not too thin or thick. As you may have guessed, Glues are a good option for men that intend to go for bold hairstyles, slicked back, spiked up, deep side parts and a faux mohawk.

Paste offers a medium hold for all hair types. It is best used if you are going for short styles, as it adds texture and is the perfect weight for fine hair. It also suits pompadours and classic side parts, with one of those looks being a bit more timeless than the other.

This provides a medium to strong hold. It is best for coarse or curly hair and works great for many of the same looks that paste does. However, due to the fact that it also adds shine, sheen and moisture, it can also support the slicked-back or simply slick look.

Putty is not just meant for filling holes in the wall. It offers a seriously strong hold that is best used for curly, thick or coarse hair. Apply it when the hair is damp, using a stick or other flat medium.

Wax also offers a strong hold. It comes in a very solid form, so it’s best to apply to dry hair. It’s your best choice for sculpted retro looks, especially when grooming your moustache to stand and look like those of men from the 60s.

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