Akon Speaks On 2020 Presidential Run With Mark Zuckerberg As VP

Popular American-Senegalese singer, Aliaume Thiam, better known by his stage name as Akon, has hinted that he would probably ‘run’ for the office of becoming America’s number 1 citizen and in doing so, he would pick Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg as his running mate.

In an interview with a pressman on Friday at Los Angeles which was captured by TMZ, the 44-year-old singer spoke about debating with President Donald Trump and lecturing him on governance.

When asked how he would defeat President Trump if he was to hypothetically ‘run’ in 2020, and what his campaign strategy would be, he said “I would love to debate Donald Trump. Matter of fact, I would just want to challenge him.”

“If I was to run for President I would actually ask [Mark Zuckerberg] to be my running man.

“Because I think sometimes it takes people from the outside to really see life differently, to make differences,” he says in the video below.

Akon added that President Trump has been making a difference “but the question is if the difference is positive or negative. I think Trump would have been a great president if he made decisions for the people.”

 “If he was as passionate as he is for his own interests as he is for the people, oh he would have made an amazing president,” he said.

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